Simple remedies for breastfeeding discomfort

Over the years, medical research has shown that infants are susceptible to any drugs ingested by a breastfeeding mother. Almost any drug can pass through mum’s system and secrete into the breast milk, which can obviously be a health risk for baby.

If you are affected by breastfeeding discomfort and pain, you may feel at a loss of what to do to get some relief. There are a number of simple remedies for breastfeeding discomfort that won’t require you taking any medication.

For sore nipples

  1. Make sure your infant in a proper breastfeeding position, so he is grasping the nipple properly and not pulling at it. This well ensure more milk for him and less pain for you.
  2. Expose your breasts to fresh air between feedings. Leave your bra unsnapped for 10 to 15 minutes after feedings, and try wearing unwired nursing bras for more overall relief.
  3. Apply aloe vera or vitamin E to your sore spots after you’ve fed to soothe the area. Make sure there is no residue left before your baby’s next feeding.
  4. Avoid using hand pumps to pump breast milk. Electric pumps use less pressure on the nipples and will help relieve your soreness.

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