Single mums vs single dads

After personally knowing so many mothers raising their child/children on their own (including myself at one time), I got to thinking about this phenomenon and wondering why so many single moms and rarely a single dad? Find out why here…

Quick Internet search

I started out with a personal theory of my own; fathers have less of a natural bond with their children. Mothers start out with this bond due to pregnancy and such. Fathers have to work at bonding with their children.

I did a simple internet search. I typed in, “Dad’s bond with children.” The first page was nothing but advice, tips, and examples on how fathers can bond with their children. I switched out the word Dad’s with the word “Mums” and got completely different results. The page was infused with articles on the natural maternal bond.

So according to my quick internet search, it would seem that fathers have to work on bonding with their children while mothers naturally do it.

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An obvious conclusion to the question of why men are less bonded to their children (thus less likely to raise them alone) would be the nine month head start that mums have.

During pregnancy women start sacrificing, snuggling, and bonding with their unborn. To the father, these nine months are mostly spent focusing on the mum and noticing the changes in her. Some fathers might not even be focused on that at all.

So there is a head start on the mum’s side to all this bonding business. After all, the baby was attached to her body, how could she not bond? However, we cannot assume that pregnancy alone determine bonding as adoption has to play a role in the bonding experience somehow.

single mums, single dads

Why is it that there seems to be more single mums than single dads in Singapore. What is the real reason behind this?

In the beginning

Read about how it was during the “cavemen days” and what society’s expectations are today, on the next page…