Warning: Sleep during pregnancy or else…

The biggest sacrifice that people (and especially mums) make when having children is giving up sleep. Unless you are one of those lucky parents (that we all hate) whose baby sleeps through the night from day one, you are going to be up all night for some time.

When your baby starts sleeping through the night, it will be more like from 9 pm till 5 am. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really consider this sleeping in. The cruelest of all things is that during your pregnancy, you should be enjoying your last few nights of sleep during pregnancy, but you won’t be able to.

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When sleeplessness starts

The sleepless pregnancy nights might start right away. Heartburn sets in immediately for some women. Pregnancy heartburn is so much worse than regular heartburn. When you are pregnant, everything can give you heartburn. You might think that only spicy or greasy foods will give you heartburn, but then suddenly everything does; water, bread, etc. What can you do to avoid heartburn during pregnancy? For some women, nothing. If you are one of the heartburn sufferers, stock up on Tums to get better sleep during pregnancy. You’re going to need them.

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Bathroom trips

If the heartburn fairy somehow misses you, the constant-need-to-pee fairy does not skip anyone. Pregnant women use the bathroom approximately 3,429 times a day. This doesn’t magically turn off during the night either. If anything, the need to pee gets worse while you are trying to sleep during pregnancy. At best, you will only wake once or twice during the night to use the bathroom. More realistically, you will wake every hour.

No comfortable position

Eventually, your baby bump will get so large that you won’t be able to get comfortable long enough to sleep during pregnancy. If you normally sleep on your stomach, just say goodbye to sleeping at all from about 3 months until baby comes. Your belly will not allow it. Period. Those of you who sleep in other positions might be able to get comfortable for awhile longer at night, but eventually you too will be too large to get any rest. Tossing and turning all night will become the norm for you. At some point, you will give up any hope on getting sleep during pregnancy.

Then baby comes

Everyone will warn you to sleep as much as you can before baby comes, but as much as you try, there will always be something stopping you from getting any real sleep during those 40 weeks of pregnancy. Whether it be heartburn or the urge to pee or just general lack of comfort, trying to sleep during pregnancy is almost impossible. Then baby comes and it’s months or even years of sleepless nights. Kids are worth it, but just know as soon you get a positive pregnancy test, sleep will be a thing of the past for you. As they say sleep during pregnancy or forever be exhausted…you’ll just have to try your hardest.

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