Snoring during pregnancy — is it normal?

Pregnancy comes with many joys and not so many joyful symptoms. Among all the unpleasant body changes, snoring is probably the one that most women are not aware of. Approximately 25-30% of pregnant women develop a snoring issue, usually during the last trimester — and usually less than 5% have never snored before!

Although to snore during sleep seems like a minor problem, it can actually be more serious. The condition has been associated with other health issues.

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Why do women start to snore during pregnancy?

Many changes happen to a woman’s body during pregnancy. While most can be positive, some can put a strain on certain organs or systems. Gaining weight during pregnancy is one of these factors that contributes to snoring. The weight gain can lead to a constriction of the pulmonary airway. The loud noises are caused by the body trying to get more oxygen.

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Another factor that contributes to the condition is nasal congestion. This can happen due to pregnancy hormones and an increased blood flow in the area. This is a common phenomenon during pregnancy that leads to nose bleeding in some women. The level of inflammation also increases during pregnancy, and can also lead to respiratory issues.

One other factor to consider is the need for more air during pregnancy. The breathing rate increases significantly, as well as the amount of air that reaches the lungs. An increased need for oxygen combined with other factors, such as a deviated septum, can also lead to breathing issues during pregnancy.

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The risks of snoring during pregnancy

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