What is your baby’s song?

When I was pregnant with my oldest, it seemed that I always had one particular song in my head. I sang it often throughout my pregnancy and then eventually sang it as a lullaby to her if she was poorly or sleepy. I’ve sang it so often to her over the years that she now calls it her song. Whenever I hear it anywhere, I always think to myself, “There’s her song. That’s my baby’s song!”

I am not alone in doing this, many mothers have similar songs for baby, whether it’s one they made up or one they sing-a-long to. In a tribe in Africa, women take it even further. When child bearing women of the tribe are ready to conceive a child, they first go out and sit underneath a tree. They sit there and listen until they hear their baby’s song. Once a song is heard for the baby, a woman knows that it is time. She will then return to the man she will conceive with and teaches him the song. They then physically conceive the child.

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Eventually all members of the tribe are taught the song. It is sung to the baby at birth and special occasions. It is sung throughout their life at significant times like puberty and marriage and eventually at death. Members of the tribe will even sing the song during trouble and strife rather than punishing certain behaviour. They see it as a way to bring the person back to their center with love.

The concept of having songs for baby is truly beautiful. Music becomes the soundtrack to our lives without us even knowing it. It reminds us of the ups and downs, the joy and the pain. So if we nurture those feelings with a song from birth, filled with love and deep meaning, it is with our children forever. When a mother chooses the song for her soon to be child, she is choosing a song that will always keep a child where they need to be.

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