Spotting a problem

Name: C

Age: Then 33

Pregnancy concern: Pregnancy spotting at week 12

I tied the knot at age 32, and my husband and I eagerly made plans for the next step as a married couple: to try for a baby. We were elated to find out that I was pregnant after trying for a year.

Work took up a huge portion of my time, as I was at the peak of my career. To save time, I chose to go to a gynaecologist that was located in close proximity to my office so that I could schedule my routine check-ups during lunch time. The gynaecologist was quite young, and it didn’t occur to me that she might have been inexperienced.

I breezed through the first few weeks of my pregnancy without much problems; I did not even have morning sickness. And then things started to change at week 13, when I realised that I was spotting. Worried that something might be wrong, I went to see my gynaecologist the next day. Instead of reassuring me, she gave me a shocked look when I told her about my spotting incident.

The ultrasound scans showed that my baby’s heartbeat was normal. But, my husband and I were not convinced. We insisted on having further tests conducted for reassurance.

After a week of waiting for the test results, my gynaecologist broke the news to us that our baby had Down Syndrome. We had to decide whether to continue with the pregnancy (and risk delivering a baby with a genetic disorder) or to let go of our baby.

I could not bear the thought of bringing our baby into the world, knowing that he/she will be faced with a lifetime of health problems and complications. With the best interest of our unborn child at heart, we made the painful decision to terminate my pregnancy by having a dilation & curettage (D&C) procedure done a few days later. 

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