The importance of staying fit while pregnant

Pregnancy is not your one chance to sit around the couch, munching on chips all day. You may not feel like running a ten-mile marathon, but you can keep healthy and active with simple exercises that can bring innumerable benefits for you and your unborn child.

Scientific proof shows that exercise for both pregnant and non-pregnant women helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. For pregnant women, this means healthy placenta among other benefits. So, get off the couch and get moving! Here is some more important information about staying fit while pregnant.

Staying fit while pregnant = shorter labour

With stronger muscles, greater body endurance and increased muscle flexibility, you can battle the rigors of labour more easily. Numerous studies have shown that pregnant women who exercise regularly have shorter labours and experience fewer Caesarean births.

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Appropriate exercises can also alleviate common ailments during pregnancy. Bid farewell to backaches, constipation and sleep problems! Additionally, keeping healthy and active increases the blood flow to your skin, giving your face a healthy glow.

If this has not convinced you, exercising also controls weight gain during pregnancy. This means that you can slip back into those sexy dresses with less difficulty after delivery — how is that for an added incentive?

The exercise regime

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