How to recover from your miscarriage

Miscarriage is something many couples fear when trying for a baby. Unfortunately, many women experience miscarriage and the exact cause is not always known. Proper recovery from miscarriage is necessary and although it does not take long to recover physically, the same cannot be said for one’s mental and emotional health.

How long does it take for a complete recovery from miscarriage?

The duration of recovery from miscarriage depends on how advanced the pregnancy was. For early pregnancies, the trauma of miscarriage would be minor. Miscarriages that happen in the second or third trimester would consequently have greater impact on the mother’s well-being. It is important to find out from your obstetrician what you can do to make a full recovery.

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Here are some simple but effective steps you can take towards recovery from miscarriage:

  • Nutrition: Make sure to eat nutrient-rich foods. Iron-rich foods are especially important because of blood loss during miscarriage. These include leafy vegetables, nuts, eggs and meat. Bone broth is also excellent for replenishing nutrient lost during miscarriage. Avoid soy and grains because they contain anti-nutrients, which prevents nutrients from being absorbed easily.
  • Herbs for healing: Plants can also help you to recover from miscarriage. They can minimise bleeding and contribute to a healthy reproductive system. Plants that prevent hemorrhage include yarrow, raspberry leaves, vitex fruit, shepherd’s purse and horsetail. You can find herb teas made with these plants and drink at least two or three cups daily. Vitex fruit can are available in capsules. It promotes progesterone production, regulates menstrual cycles and improves fertility.
  • Communication: Talk openly with your husband or mother. Confide in a support group, or whoever you feel comfortable with. Talking to other women or couples who have gone through a similar experience can help tremendously. The psychological impact of a lost child can be more painful than the physical trauma.
  • Avoid stress at all cost: This can be a very emotional time for a couple. Putting too much stress on yourself during this time will not be beneficial to you or your spouse. Acknowledge what has happened and the fact that you need time to cope with the situation. This means taking enough time off to rest.

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It is critical to seek immediate medical advice if you have any signs of fever or excessive bleeding. It might take at least a month for full recovery from miscarriage. Take it easy during this time and look forward with hope for a healthy pregnancy.

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