Stork’s Nest Singapore pre-loved event

“$300 worth of products going at $15! Everything must go!” Those were the first words I heard as I made my way through the massive crowd gathered at O’Leary’s Sports Bar & Grill at 10.30am on a drizzly Saturday morning. Located at the Singapore Flyer; it was an event for selling pre-loved baby merchandise organized by Stork’s Nest Singapore, a Facebook mothers support group set up by Jani Combrink in 2012.

Held from 10am to 1.30pm on Saturday, 7 September 2013, the event served two main purposes; one of which was to sell things that were loved but outgrown, or in other words, items that were “tried and tested to work” by mummies and babies. It was mainly attended by expat families who were used to scouring for items in charity shops back home. Many find that childcare products are expensive in Singapore, especially since babies tend to outgrow their clothes very quickly. Secondly, the not-for-profit event was held to raise funds for a Stork’s Nest Singapore supported charity, which would be determined at a later date. 

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Andrea McIntyre Rivers

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Andrea is a certified Engineer with a decade's worth of experience under her belt, Andrea eventually decided to make a total career change. While in Scotland, she helped friends to find natural solutions for their babies' ailments.

She has since qualified as a UK trained and registered Western medical herbalist.

Since moving to Singapore with her husband, she has set up classes to teach parents how to massage their babies. She also has a clinic specializing in herbal medicine as well as pre and post natal massage, among other services.

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