Stay fashionable! Tips on wearing stylish maternity wear in Singapore

When you first got pregnant, you probably thought with horror about all the clothes you wouldn’t be able to fit into anymore. Those skinny jeans and your favourite tight tops that you love to wear and feel great in!

Images of tent dresses with ugly prints may have floated into your head but wave them away. There’s no need to lose your fashion sense at all when you’re pregnant.

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Maternity wear today is much different from our parents’ generation. Stylish maternity wear is easily available in stores like H&M and other trendy boutiques. You might not even need to buy that many maternity clothes because you can easily adapt today’s trends into your outfits.

Trends that work for pregnancy

If you enjoy keeping up with the trends, you may find that many of your clothes can be worn late into pregnancy. For example, long tunics and leggings are perfect for mums-to-be. Leggings are super comfortable while tunic tops are long enough to cover up a bulging tummy.

Other clothes that could work as stylish maternity wear include low-slung jeans, empire-waisted dresses and long maxi-dresses. Trends like colour blocking and digital fabric prints can also draw attention away from your belly.

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What maternity clothes you will need

That said, your body will eventually look very different in late pregnancy, and you will probably need some maternity clothes. Maternity jeans that offer a stretchable belly panel will help you keep the skinny jean look and allow to stay comfy. You may also want to invest in some maternity tops like wrap tops that are both fashionable and practical for breastfeeding later on.

Check out our favourite places to get stylish maternity wear in Singapore.

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