Swaddling made easy for baby and you!

With a new baby comes a whole new life.

Your daily routine changes completely to accommodate all the little things that you need to do for the baby, such as feeding, bathing, massaging, soothing and putting to sleep.

The aspect of a child’s routine that parents struggle most with is sleep. There are so many dos and don’ts associated with it – sleep on the back or not, co-sleep or not, rock or not, pat or not, put them on a schedule or not — that it leaves many parents confused.

The two big concerns that parents have when it comes to their baby’s sleep are: how to keep them safe and how to ensure a calm and peaceful slumber.

As with other aspects of the baby’s routine, sleep too comes with its own set of specific knowledge, vocabulary and products.

One such term is swaddling.

When it comes to helping your little one settle into quick, easy and peaceful sleep – this is one term that all parents should know well.

Swaddling helps your baby sleep and stay safe

Swaddling is actually an ancient technique of snugly wrapping a baby to make the baby feel safe and secure to promote better sleep and assist in settling.

Swaddling helps keep babies warm and reduces their tendency to be woken up by their own startle reflex.

The American Association of Pediatrics states that when babies are correctly swaddled, it helps keep them calm and sleeping better.

Swaddling the baby

Love To Swaddle UP’s revolutionary design makes it very effective for the babies and easy to use for the parents.

The art of swaddling

To be effective, swaddling needs to be done correctly – and it does take time and effort to perfect the art.

You cannot over-wrap the baby as it can lead to overheating, you cannot leave it too loose either.

The trick is to get the snugness just right. There are many choices that parents need to make – what fabric to use, the measure of the fabric, the texture etc.

This is why Love To Swaddle UP is a perfect sleep solution for babies and parents. This breakthrough swaddling solution helps your new baby settle quickly and establish a peaceful sleep.

The unique arms UP design of Swaddle UP™ is revolutionary because:

  1. It replicates your baby’s behaviour in the womb, allowing movement of hands to self-soothe.
  2. It allows your baby to sleep with arms up – the natural sleeping position.

This allows your baby to calm quickly for a longer and better quality of sleep.

Additionally, it does not require parents to learn the techniques of wrapping their baby. It is superfast and easy to use – just tuck the baby in properly and zip up!

Check out for yourself how easy it is to use Love to Swaddle UP in this video.

Love To Swaddle UP comes in 4 different versions: Original, Organic, Lite and Winter Warm.

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