5 TCM herbs used during pregnancy

Not all women have an easy breezy pregnancy. More than 80% experience morning sickness and other unpleasant symptoms. The role of traditional Chinese medicine is to offer relief for various pregnancy symptoms. TCM during pregnancy can also be used successfully to treat or prevent certain ailments. However, only certain herbs can be used, as others may be toxic for the pregnancy.

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TCM during pregnancy: #1 Wen Dan Tang

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This Chinese remedy is a combination of Poria and Bamboo that can alleviate severe nausea during pregnancy. It is also good for reducing the excessive heat, something which is undesirable while pregnant. Wen Dan Tang regulates the function of the stomach and gallbladder. It can also treat other symptoms like insomnia, dizziness or anxiety. However, the remedy is not suited for cold type women who can use ginger tea instead.

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