Perfect partner! Techniques for a great pregnancy massage

She is having your baby. One of the best things you can possibly do for your pregnant wife is give her a holistic massage. This type of massage helps to increase circulation and promotes a feeling of health and well-being for the mind and body. The muscles in a pregnant woman’s body become stressed and achy due to muscle strain and a decreased level of oxygen supply. Here are some top tricks for giving your wife a fantastic pregnancy massage.

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Tools for the perfect pregnancy massage include:

  • Love
  • pregnancy massage oil (make sure the oil is suitable for a pregnant woman to use)
  • Relaxing music

Now you’re ready to perform your best massage yet! Here’s the top three techniques to get you started.

It’s been proven time and again that massages relieve stress and what better way to show her you care than to ease her stress away by massaging her lovingly? Try to give her a good pregnancy massage three times a week. They will help a lot with aching, tense and strained muscles that come with pregnancy. Talk to her while you’re giving her the massage. This is a good way to spend quality time together and relax her.

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