Pregnancy myths: Round face indicates baby girl

Old wives’ tales as they call them, have been around for centuries.The round face myth is a most popular tales about having a round rosy face or gaining weight in the face, means you are having a girl.  Many people still go by them to predict the sex of a baby. Although none of the old myths have ever been proven true, many of them have never been disproved either. They are a really fun way for elderly family members to try and predict what the new addition will be.

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Round face pregnancy myth

One old myth makes the assumption that if you gain weight in your face or have a round rosy face, that you will have a girl. Now many women that are pregnant will gain weight every where, so this may be hard to determine. It is natural and expected to gain weight but it has nothing to do with the sex of your baby.

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Is there any truth to it?

Many case studies have been done about if weight gain affects the outcome of the babies sex. All results indicate that it does not. There are many women who have a round face that have given birth to little boys. Pregnant women will gain weight differently for each baby. You may have a boy that you only gained a little weight with, but the next baby you gained twice that much and it was still a boy. The only thing that experts can say for definite about weight gain is to monitor it because you do not want to gain too much weight.

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What determines the sex of a baby?

This may not be what any expecting mother wants to hear, but believe it or not it is the man’s genes that decide the sex of the baby. There are two different types of chromosomes in a man’s sperm. X and Y chromosomes are the ones exactly related to the sex of a child.

The most popular theory indicated that a girl is born when two x chromosomes fertilize the same egg. The boy babies are formulated when a x and y chromosomes merges together to fertilize an egg. Keep in mind that this is not an exact science. There are still many things about the human genes that scientist have not figure out yet.

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Your best bet is to leave it to the experts. You should not worry about whether you have a round face, how low you are carrying your baby or how much acne you have, just be glad that you are able to bring a special life into this world. While many of these myths are fun, they are only myths. Having your doctor perform a sonogram will eliminate any doubts you may have. Being able to get pregnant and carry a child is a blessing by itself. Whether it is a boy or a girl should not matter, as long as it is health.

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