The scoop on poop – knowing that first baby poop

If you are a new parent then i’m sure you had no idea just how interested you would be in that first baby poop. And for all those expectant parents out there, read and be warned!

You are going to inspect those diapers very carefully and possibly even record your findings. One of you will know doubt take on the role of poop checker, but no matter who it is, you’ll both be interested. You will find the consistency and colour of your baby’s poop quite surprising, and even experienced parents can be caught off guard.

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At first, it’s actually very important to monitor your baby’s wet and dirty diapers as this is the only way to tell if they are getting enough milk. So, perhaps this is where it all starts. I know for me, it was certainly how I began my obsession! Maybe it’s the whole postpartum emotional adjustment or the worry I faced about producing enough milk, but I was extremely vigilant in checking those diapers.

Editors Tip

For the first week, keep a a record of how long your baby feeds for, and at what times, and when they have a wet and dirty diaper so you can share it with your midwife.

The scoop on poop

If you are wondering what all the fuss is about then let me explain. In those first few days and weeks of parenthood, more so if it is your first, it’s hard to not become consumed by feeding schedules, naps and diaper changes. If your baby loses a bit of weight after birth, which is normal, then you are even more concerned to get them back on track and to make sure they are feeding well.

As long as your little one is putting on weight, with no indication of illness, then is no need to be worried.

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