The scoop on poop – knowing that first baby poop

Here’s a quick guide on what to expect from your baby’s poop.

  • Day 1. A baby’s first poop will be of a sticky consistency and be greeny/black in colour. It is called meconium and will most likely happen while you are still in hospital.
  • Day 3-4. The poop will gradually lighten to hues of leafy green
  • Day 4-5. Within a few days, the poo will become a dark yellowy colour, a bit like mustard. If you are breastfeeding, then it won’t smell and will be runny in consistency. Formula fed babes tend to have smellier, darker poops, but this depends on the brand you use.

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For most newborns, you should expect around 5-6 heavy wet diapers and 2-3 dirty over 24 hour period. It is okay if they produce more than this, but if you feel they are not producing enough heavy wet diapers, and you are concerned about their weight gain, then contact your midwife for advice.

Babies who breastfeed can often go for days without a dirty diaper, this doesn’t mean they are constipated, as long as the stool is soft. You will notice that you baby’s bowel movements change as their digestive system becomes accustomed to processing breast milk, formula and later, solids.

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first baby poop

What is not normal?

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