Top 10 things new mums overstress about

The arrival of the new baby in your life is a magical time. But many women underestimate the impact of motherhood in their lives. Overstressing about many things is something new mothers experience.

New mum stress #1: Baby safety concerns

When they first see their newborn, most first time mums experience fear for baby’ safety. You may even be afraid to touch the baby for fear of hurting such a small human being. The fear is well justified for a new mother who feels so inexperienced. The truth is that your mum instincts will kick in sooner or later, and taking care of baby will become easier and easier.

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New mum stress #2: Breastfeeding issues

You heard everybody talking about the benefits of breastfeeding. You may have even taken classes and seminars about it. However, many women encounter different problems while breastfeeding. The advice of a lactation consultant may be a solution.

New mum stress #3: I’m not a good mother

You may feel that you are not doing enough for your baby, or that you are doing the wrong things. Family or friends may try to guide you. It’s best to do your own thing when it comes to parenting. Sometimes seeking advice from other may lead you to think you aren’t good enough. But your baby needs you the most, so try to do the best you can and relax.

New mum stress #4: My baby annoys me

For all new mums, the stress of a crying needy baby is enough to drive them crazy. The added hormonal changes and perhaps a difficult birth could add to that. If you get annoyed with baby, don’t feel guilty. Just try to put things in perspective and to ask for support when needed.

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New mum stress #5: I don’t have time for anything

As a new parent, many women wonder if this role is what they wanted. The joys of motherhood are immense, but sometimes a mum could feel she lost her old life. Keep some small or big things for yourself. It may be just a movie on Friday by yourself or a bubble bath, while husband or grandma takes care of baby.

New mum stress #6: Husband issues

The relationship with your husband will go through some changes once the new baby arrives. Your sex life and social outings may suffer for a while. However, it is what you make of it. Life with a baby is fulfilling for any couple, so keep the lines of communication open and enjoy it.

New mum stress #7: Body issues

Many new mothers are not happy with their post-pregnancy body. The weight gain and hormonal changes will leave their mark. However, you can do something about it if you’re not happy. A simple 30-minute home workout will not only help get your body back, but your confidence and good mood also.

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New mum stress #8: Trying to do too much

As a new mother, it may be hard to keep up with everything that is going on. The first few months will definitely be disconcerting. If you try to take care of baby, do cleaning, housework, cook and stay in touch with family and friends, it can become overwhelming. Try to set priorities, ask for help when needed and relinquish some of the control.

New mum stress #9: Being the perfect mother

Sometimes you may feel you have to prove your perfection as a mother. The truth is that each woman is unique as a mother and wife. Try not to compare yourself to others, especially family members. Make the choices you are comfortable with, instead of living up to perfection.

New mum stress #10: Career woman and mum?

You may wonder what will happen to your career outlook once you become a mum. Try to establish what you can accomplish from now on, and how much time you need to dedicate to it. Having a clear picture in your mind regarding career and motherhood can help you make the best decisions.

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