Time to eat! A guide to feeding your newborn baby

You will get many different types of advice regarding how to feed your newborn baby. Before feeding your newborn baby anything you are unsure of, consult your doctor for advice.  Most of them will be okay, but there are some things you should be aware of.

There are times when mummies and daddies can forget that their baby’s stomach is a little more sensitive than theirs. But by using your own judgement and following some basic guidelines of your doctor, parents will be able to figure things out. There are some foods that you should strictly stay away from and some others that are fine.

Feeding your newborn baby at 0 to 4 months

Your babies digestive tract is still developing at this age. They can not break down solid foods like you can. Breast milk or formula is still the only thing that is recommended for feeding your baby at this time. Because of the potential for allergies and their digestive system not being fully developed, nothing else is recommended at this time.

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Introducing some solid foods at 4 to 6 months

By this time you should notice your baby showing an interest in foods on your plate. They may even start to act like they are chewing food in their mouth. These are all signs that your baby may be ready for some solid foods. You can start by feeding your newborn baby things like baby cereal and pureed foods.

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Single food flavors are recommended to use. That way if they eat something that they show an allergic reaction to, it will be easier to narrow down which food was the culprit. Do not replace all meals with solid food, gradually work it into their feeding schedule.

Feeding your newborn baby 6 to 9 month old

This is the age when they will start reaching for food. They will be curious about everything that you eat and will want to try it. You can start introducing pureed meats, vegetables and some legumes. Always keep track of what you are feeding your baby each meal in case of an allergic reaction.

It is recommended to only feed them solid food for two meals a day. Your baby will let you know what they want to try. If they do not want something at the first meal, try feeding your baby again later. Many parents will try feeding their baby things that they will not like. That is okay; they are still learning at this age.

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You will get many ideas on when feeding your baby is appropriate. Even though everyone means well, the ultimate decision is up to you. Now there are some foods that should never be given to a baby under any circumstances. Not everything adults eat are right for babies. Their digestive system is not fully developed when they are born, so take care with your baby.

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