How to discreetly pump breast milk at work

You’ve had a beautiful “babymoon” with your newborn child, but it’s now time to go back to work. However, you’re not ready yet to stop breastfeeding yet because you believe in all the great benefits to your child if he or she drinks breast milk for six months or more. But how can you discretely pump milk at work and still look professional? Here are 5 tips on how to pump breast milk at work.

1. Find a good breastfeeding spot

While some lucky mums have the luxury of having a nursing room set aside for them at their workplace, most mums have to be creative in finding a place to pump breast milk at work. See if you can ask for a key to a small meeting room or a storeroom, which you can use privately during off-peak hours. If there’s no such place, look for a quiet nook, put on your nursing cover and pump during lunch break.

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2. Invest in an electric pump

When you’re pumping breas milk at work, efficiency is the key. While a manual pump might have worked just fine at home, you need the big guns here. Get a double electric pump like the Medela, so that you can pump both breasts at the same time and do it in minutes.

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3. Prevent leaks

The last thing you want during an important meeting is for a leak to start soaking through your blouse. Make sure you have a good supply of breast pads, and change them every few hours. An alternative is to buy a set of “milk saver” silicon pads, which not only prevents leaks but actually collects the breast milk that leaks out so you can store it later.

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4. Have a cooler

You’ll need to keep your milk cold until you can bring it home, so it’s ideal if you have a fridge to store your milk sacs in. But if your office doesn’t have a fridge, consider getting a small cooler to put under your desk. These coolers are affordable and will do the job.

5. Getting in the mood

It might not be easy to get the milk to flow when you’re not at home looking at your hungry baby. Routine helps here, so try and pump at the same time everyday and look at a photo of your baby or something that reminds you of him so you get in the mood. Try to relax and shut out the work stress while you’re pumping.

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