Putting your baby to sleep – the Tizzie Hall way!

We caught up with Tizzie Hall, the International Baby Whisperer, in September at the Pan Pacific Orchard. Author of the hugely popular ‘Save Our Sleep’ book, Tizzie has been helping parents all over the world with her baby sleep routines for over 15 years.

After reading Tizzie’s ‘Save Our Sleep’ book, we still had some lingering questions about putting her routines into practice. Particularly, if it was possible to adapt her routines to cater for the lifestyles of Asian families and to meet the needs of breastfeeding working mummies.

So, what could be better than to get all the answers on the sleeping and feeding routines from the International Baby Whisperer herself?

In your book, you recommend that babies are put to bed by 7pm. For most families in Singapore, the working parent(s) usually don’t get back till around 8pm or so. Can we put baby to sleep a bit later, so that both mum and dad can have some quality bonding time when they’re home from work?

Tizzie Hall: Babies have natural sleep cycles, and with these cycles it is best that they go to sleep at 7pm. But if you’re looking to put your baby to sleep at a later time, I’d say put your baby on my routine as in the book first (so, 7am to 7pm) – and then slowly push it back by 20 minutes every 5 days until you end up with the desired bedtime (for example, 9am to 9pm). But if you find that your baby stops sleeping with a later bedtime, go back to the 7am to 7pm routine.

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