Tizzie Hall is coming to ‘Save Our Sleep’

Yes, it can happen. Your baby can actually sleep through the night! It is not a tale you’ll only hear of from your friend’s, neighbour’s, cousin’s, best friend’s angel-of-a-baby. Dear sleepless parents, Tizzie Hall is coming to Singapore to ‘Save Our Sleep’.

Who is Tizzie Hall?
She is an international childcare expert with over 18 years of experience. Her sleep routine techniques for both breast and bottle-fed babies have transformed the lives of thousands of parents– who now have babies that sleep peacefully throughout the night.

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Short Q&A with Tizzie Hall

Pregnant.sg had a chance to catch up with Tizzie Hall to find out a few essentials before her big trip to Singapore. Read the following before meeting the star herself on the 28th and 29th of September.


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1. Describe your sleep method and why it is effective

The reason why Save Our Sleep is such an effective way of establishing good sleep habits is because, it is a holistic approach where we look at the whole picture including things like what mattress protector is used on the cot, what the baby’s diet is, how much awake time the baby is having, what temperature the baby’s room is, along with what bedding is used.

This is just a few things we look at, normally just changing a few of these points will result in a poor sleeper becoming a good sleeper without the need for parents using a settling approach such as controlled crying which I disagree with.

2. How long do parents have to practice your method before they see results?

It depends on the age of the baby, as to how fast my approach works. With a newborn, a baby less than eight weeks, parents should see a change within a few hours of using the routine, but with an older toddler who is closer to 2 years, it might take up to 48 hours before they see the results.

3. What is your experience with Asian parents, is there anything that Asian parents do better or worse in teaching their baby to settle or sleep?

I believe the way Asians live play a big factor in why they do not need Save Our Sleep, as much, as some of the expats living in Asia. This is because Asians live much closer together, which means mothers, aunts or other experienced relatives visit frequently, perhaps even daily, and new mothers are handed down lots of tips and little bits of advice. However, the expats have the older generations living further away, these visits are much fewer.

Sleeping babies

4. Why should parents attend your seminar and what can they expect from it?

The main purpose of these seminars is to help parents understand, and avoid sleep problems in young babies and toddlers. Some parents might already be experiencing sleepless nights, but don’t worry, it’s never too late for help. These seminars will give parents the confidence to take control of their babies’ behavioural patterns – and as a bonus give them sleep!

Meet Tizzie Hall! The International Baby Whisperer will be in Singapore on September 28th & 29th for a series of interactive seminars and presentations on how to help your baby sleep through the night. She will be at Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel on the Saturday and VivoCity’s Amphitheatre on the Sunday. You can use Discount Code “PREGNANTSG” for $10 off the ticket price for both shows. For more information please visit: www.saveoursleep.asia

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