Tizzie Hall’s – ‘SAVE OUR SLEEP’ – my Baby Bible!

In the beginning my baby cried a lot. The kind of emotional ‘my world is going to end’ cry when they go blue around the mouth and forget the take a breath. My little Indie was such a dear little doll, but certainly had a set of lungs and she knew how to use them!

Night owl baby
Indie was born at 1am, a complete night owl. So the nights to follow were long, and the days were simply there to catch up on sleep. I had read Tizzie Hall’s ‘Save Our Sleep’ when I was pregnant and found myself so fond of her advice, I had vowed to my husband we would follow her methods from birth. The thing is though when your baby first arrives, you spend the next few weeks in awe, simply trying to figure each other out, and everything else is forgotten.

Four weeks in, completely loved up but running out of adrenaline, I remembered the ‘Save Our Sleep’ book (soon to become bible) and marked down the page for the 4-6 week old routine.

Useful advice from Tizzie Hall

In a battlefield of parenting opinions, there were a few sections of Tizzie’s book that had struck a chord with me when I was pregnant, including:

  • Advice for mothers to express their milk in the morning, allowing us a much deserved rest in the evenings. Meanwhile fathers get special bonding time with the little ones by giving the expressed bottle feed at night.
  • Extensive research on exactly how much sleep, food and stimulation infants need for their age. All that is condensed into an easy to follow week-by-week routine, taking away a lot of guesswork for a first time mum.
  • Very gentle self-settling tips, which encourages us to put our baby in their cot or bassinet when they are awake and pat them lovingly on the stomach until they fall asleep. She advises that a baby who can self-settle will easily be able to pass from one sleep cycle to the next, and not wake up with a fright by not knowing where they are.
indie 6 weeks

Indie, 6 weeks old

It worked!
We began by rocking Indie to sleep in the 4-6 week routine, gently showing her the difference between night and day. I couldn’t believe that with just a tiny bit of guidance how much happier she was. She started taking bigger breastfeeds (instead of cluster feeding) and the routine helped me to work out why she was crying, i.e.hungry, tired or wind.

Take two: cat napping
After a few days, Indie was only waking once during the night (amazing!!!) but was catnapping during the day, which in itself became exhausting. Tizzie Hall had said many times in her book, once you can teach your baby to self-settle, it will prevent catnapping, and help them sleep through the night. And baby, was she spot on!

indie6 months

Little Indie at 6 months

Our dream baby
It took Indie less than 2 minutes to fall asleep the first time we tried self-settling and from that moment on, she became our dream baby. Before Indie reached 6 weeks of age, she was sleeping 12 hours every night including a ‘Dreamfeed’ just before midnight.

Indie is now 10 months old and still sleeps 12 hours every night. She has a great relationship with her cot and just lies in bed playing for a few minutes in the morning until we pick her up.

She’s such a happy baby and I believe a routine is the reason why.

Tizzie Hall, the International Baby Whisperer, will be in Singapore on September 28th & 29th for a series of interactive seminars and presentations on how to help your baby sleep through the night. She will be at Pan Pacific Orchard hotel on the Saturday and VivoCity’s Amphitheatre on the Sunday. 

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