The top 5 beach essentials for your baby


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The beach is such a fun place to take the kids for some outdoor playtime. All kids love going to the beach, splashing in the waves and building castles in the sand.

We are lucky to have some lovely kid-friendly beaches here in Singapore, and of course we have the scorching hot weather that makes the sea breeze and cool waves at the beach oh so welcoming!

However, when going for a trip to the beach — especially with kids in tow — it helps to come prepared. As fun as it sounds to be out on the beach for hours on end, parents have to think about their kids’ comfort and how to protect them from the sun’s harmful rays.

So what are the most important things you need when planning your beach outing? Fret not, we have listed the top 5 beach essentials your baby will need for her day of fun at the beach, courtesy of Bloom and Grow.

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