With local content and daily health motivations, this is THE app that you need for a great pregnancy

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of parenting magazines, mommy-blogs and other resources for aspiring and soon-to-be parents. But this enormous amount of information can make researching a particular topic daunting, if not downright frustrating – especially when the information is conflicting.

At the end of the day, no two pregnancies are alike. Only you can know exactly what you’re feeling, experiencing and worrying about. Researching and reading online sources is a good starting point but ultimately, you still need a source for relevant and trustworthy content.

The Health Promotion Board has recently released HealthHub Track, an app and web portal which has a pregnancy motivation, specially designed by doctors in Singapore for pregnant women in Singapore.

About HealthHub Track

The HealthHub Track app is an all around health and wellness app designed to help Singaporeans lead healthier lifestyles. Users can choose from different health motivations like preventing diabetes, losing weight, or getting fit. However, what we will be looking at specifically would  be the healthy pregnancy motivation in the app.

The healthy pregnancy action plan was developed by the Health Promotion Board with support from the Obstetrics and Gynaecology division at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. It was designed specifically for women in Singapore so it can best achieve its purpose of helping Singaporeans enjoy a smoother pregnancy by giving them the information and tools needed to make fully informed decisions at every step of the way. Users first set up their health objectives, then the app will help reach those goals through daily recommended actions.

How it works

Once you download the app and register, setting it up as your pregnancy tracker is super simple!
Step 1: Select “Healthy Pregnancy”

Step 2: Use the navigation tools to search the Library for information, access your Timeline and Action Plans and connect with a community of like-minded Singaporean mums.

As you use the app, the recommendations for recipes, levels of exercise and more will tailor to your individual lifestyle.


Since the app was designed specifically with Singaporean mums-to-be in mind, all of the content is locally sourced. This means that the content is culturally relevant in Singapore’s unique multicultural landscape and matches the lifestyles of Singaporean women.

In order to ensure that the app delivers the best possible recommended content, it has been designed to sync with your wearables. It also uses this information to adjust your daily tasks relevant to meeting your health goals.

Get started now by visiting the web portal or download HealthHub Track on your Apple or Android device. Remember that only you can take charge of your health. Your Health. In Your Hands.

Republished with permission from: theAsianparent Singapore