Can Traditional Chinese Medicine help me get pregnant?

chinese medicine tips for getting pregnant

Frequently, infertility is caused by imbalances in the body, whether in terms of hormones, body functions or other factors. For couples who prefer not to undergo expensive and sometimes painful treatments in Western medicine, this is where Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) comes in.

Based on 5,000 years of wisdom, TCM is founded on the concept of a balance of Qi in the body. Practitioners believe in guiding you to health by regulating your yin and yang levels and strengthening weak organs.

Over time, Western medicine has come to appreciate TCM. Increasingly, many medical conditions are linked with hormonal imbalances and cell malfunctioning.

How can TCM help me get pregnant?

Traditional chinese medicine is considered beneficial for both men and women, so both partners should consult the practitioner together when trying to conceive. The benefits can include:

  • Improving the ovaries’ ability to produce quality eggs
  • Improving sperm count and mobility
  • Increasing the blood circulation in your reproductive organs
  • Balancing your hormones e.g. increasing progesterone and reducing andogens
  • Reducing dampness that can cause blockages like cysts and fibroids
  • Strengthening overall immunity
  • Fighting stress and improving emotional well-being
  • Reducing the side effects of IVF drugs
  • Lowering the risk of miscarriage

Seeing a TCM practitioner

Traditional chinese medicine is well-accepted in Singapore, and even used in many hospitals. There are many medical doctors who practise TCM, such as the practitioners at Eu Yan Sang clinics, TCM Healthcare Medical Centre or Thong Chai Medical clinics. The above are all popular with couples who are trying to conceive.

Typically, your TCM practitioner will first give you a consultation and examination that can include blood tests. He or she may then put you on a course of treatment to tiaoyang, or regulate your body to restore balance. Treatments can include brewing herbal medicine or acupuncture, depending on your needs.

chinese medicine tips for getting pregnant

There are many Traditional Chinese Medicine tips to get pregnant, that you can use in every day life.

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