Evolution of maternity wear

Have you ever looked at any pictures of our mothers and grandmothers during pregnancy? While they were as adorable as us, they were not dressed to the nines. As soon as their bump came along, they were confined to the baggiest, ugliest clothes ever. It isn’t that they suddenly they lost their sense of style. They just didn’t have any options. The fashion industry hadn’t come up with trendy maternity wear.

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Pregnancy wardrobe of the past

The women before us were basically clothed in oversized pillowcases complete with holes for arms and legs. No shape was detected. Pregnant women looked like large blobs due to the lack of trendy maternity wear. Their only choices for clothing while pregnant were large and extra large baggy t-shirts or gowns. Occasionally a smock was available.

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Current trendy maternity wear

Thankfully, gone are the days of unflattering clothes. No longer do women have to hide their bump. These days, being pregnant now does not limit our wardrobe, nor does it mean that we have to look like shape-less blobs. Its stylish to display our cute bumps. We are able to shop for trendy maternity wear that has been adjusted to accommodate our changing shapes. We can get whatever look we desire at any point during our pregnant.

The catch

The only downside to the new trendy maternity wear is that our mothers were probably a little more comfortable than we are. Sure, we look much more stylish, but at a small cost. Those maternity jeans are only comfortable for so long. There comes a point in which the belly gets much too large even for the expandable waistband. At some point in every pregnancy, most women switch to stretch pants and their husbands oversized t-shirts. Trendy maternity wear is thrown out the window for comfort.

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On the plus side, no matter when you stop wearing your maternity clothes, the money spent wont be a waste. Those stretchy waistbands will be a godsend in the first post-partum months when your body is no longer pregnant but not quite normal yet. You may even find some of the clothes are so comfy that you continue to wear them long after returning to your normal size. I know I do…and I say a little thank you to the fashion industry each time for granting me the privilege of looking cute at all times during motherhood.

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