Trying to conceive sex FAQs

Are you trying to conceive? Do you have questions that you’re burning to ask but are too shy? Here’s a list of common questions that couples often have when trying to conceive. On everything from how to increase your chances of getting pregnant, to how often to have sex and more!

Q: How often should we be having sex?

Sperm is able to survive in the female reproductive tract for between two to five days, so your best bet is to have sex about three times a week. If you really can’t make time to have regular enjoyable sex, try to have sex every other day during the most fertile week of your menstrual cycle. You can choose to use an ovulation detector to help you know your most fertile period. However, if you and your spouse are up for more action, try having sex every day. The more sex you have, the better your chances are to get pregnant!

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Q: Does having an orgasm help when trying to conceive?

While having an orgasm does not guarantee conception, it certainly increases your chances. When the female orgasm happens with or after the male orgasm, the vaginal spasms help draw the sperm upwards through the cervix and into the uterus to meet the egg. Having an orgasm also helps the overall process to be more fun, so it definitely doesn’t hurt to aim for one!

Q: Which position should we have sex in?

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