Overdue: Can you eat curry to bring on labour?

As you near the end of your pregnancy you’ll probably start to wonder about when and how your labour will start. And, like many other mummies-t0-be, you may start to panic if your due date comes and goes.

At this point, it’s not unusual to want to try a few natural ways to induce labour – and one of the most commonly known practices is eating spicy foods like curry. But should you eat curry to bring on labour if you’re overdue?

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Curry to bring on labour: myth or fact?

Your gynae is likely to tell you that there is no evidence to show that curry can jump-start labour. And, while it is one of the simplest home methods to encourage labour, its effectiveness has never been tested.

So why is the “curry to bring on labour” method so popular?

Spicy foods tend to have an effect on our bowels. So, it is thought that it could also create uterine contractions in some women. Don’t be surprised if you hear stories about women going into labour after eating chicken curry. It’s not known why it is successful for some, but for others, it has no effect at all.

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Using curry to bring on labour: is it safe?

Your body needs to be prepared for labour, as does your baby.  It may seem like nine months is slowly becoming 10 – and that you would be willing to try anything to finally meet your baby – but,  natural induction methods are not recommended without doctor approval.

Your due date may also be somewhat inaccurate, as ultrasounds are not able to predict with 100% accuracy.

Eating curry to bring on labour may seem like a harmless method, especially if you are used to eating spicy foods a lot. However, eating it in excess could cause intestinal problems. Diarrhoea and hot weather are not a good combo, as dehydration is quite dangerous, especially while pregnant.

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In addition, trying to induce labour too early, may result in complications. Your cervix may not be prepared for delivery and your water may break too early, making the baby more exposed to germs.

So if you really want to try curry to bring on labour, do so safely. Don’t eat more than you can handle and always ask for your doctor’s opinion beforehand.

Source: Can eating a curry bring on labour?

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