Leaving baby at home for a short getaway

Many first-time parents worry at the thought of being away from baby, even for a second, let alone a weekend. You may even be skeptical about leaving the baby with your parents, who have already successfully raised you!

All this aside, you and your partner still need some quality time alone. Take comfort in knowing that you are not the only one who feels this way about going on a vacation without your baby. Logically, you know that your baby will be fine and that you deserve the break, but it does not make leaving your baby behind for the first time less traumatic.

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You will suddenly find leaving baby behind is not as simple as you imagined it to be when you were first expecting, but don’t let it stop you from taking that trip. Let’s take a look at the basics and some practical considerations before you leave.

A well-deserved break

Firstly, don’t think of your short getaway as abandoning your infant. Yes, you will miss them and call home every hour at first, but you and your spouse need this time alone to take a break. In fact, your getaway also presents the perfect opportunity for your baby to bond with a grandparent, aunt or close family friend. Think of it as a means for your baby to interact and build a connection with another adult, and a first step to overcome separation anxiety.

Before you go on a vacation without baby

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