Does walking to induce labour really work?

Your hospital bag is packed, your birth plan is right on schedule, and for almost 40 weeks you have waited for this moment. At any moment know that contractions will start… except they doesn’t. In this series, we will take a look at the different methods of inducing labour, and the effectiveness of these methods.

You might be eager to get the baby moving, but you also need to be patient. Generally speaking, you will go into labour when the baby is ready to make its appearance. However, as you get closer to your due date, you might feel the need to try a few natural induction methods to encourage your little one.

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Among these, walking to induce labour is said to be an effective and popular method. But does it work?

Walking to induce labour

The explanation behind the method is simple: Walking uses the natural force of gravity to put gentle pressure on your cervix, encouraging it to dilate. Additionally, it encourages your baby to move down and push into the cervix. This can release oxytocin, which also aids in inducing labour. Even in hospital, nursing staff will encourage you to walk around between the first contractions to help the process along.

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With that said, walking to induce labour should be practised with some caution. Be sure to not over-exert yourself by overdoing it. Walking around the house and the garden should be sufficient, and climbing stairs is particularly helpful for your baby to decent into the right position. You wouldn’t want to stray too far from home, just in case your labour starts quickly.

Is walking to induce labour really effective?

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