Does walking to induce labour really work?

Is walking to induce labour really effective?

Well, yes… and no.

Mild contractions can start close towards your due date to soften and open the cervix, but this can go on for a foreseeable time with nothing much happening in between. In this case, walking to induce labour is a great way to prepare your body to give birth, but only if you are close to your due date and both your body and your baby are ready.

Walking can strengthen and regulate contractions while labour is underway, but unless your baby is ready to come out by itself, no amount of walking will help — not unless your cervix is already dilated.

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The motion can stimulate the contractions, but while walking might kickstart the labour process for many women, it does nothing for others. It has not been proven as consistently effective, but it is effective nonetheless. At the very least, walking provides you with mild exercise while it also gently encourages your baby to move into the right position.

walking to induce labour

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