Capture your special baby memories for life

Collecting baby memories is something that all parents love. It is a good way to remember your baby’s milestones later on in life, as well as all those lovely family celebrations. The baby will also benefit. As they grow older, they will start asking parents about their early childhood years.

There are many ways to collect those memories. Some are more traditional, while some are more creative. Don’t be afraid to choose as many as possible to save those precious memories.

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Digital ways of collecting baby memories

  • Baby blog. It’s a great way to collect baby memories. You can start with a pregnancy blog and then track all the memorable events of your baby’s childhood. It can be your online diary that you can share with the world or just with familiy and friends.  
  • Baby videos. Some parents want to capture their baby on film. Some even document their baby’s birth. It is a nice way to keep those memories alive and re-watch as often as you please.
  • Digital photo album. You can take as many pictures of your baby as you please. Use your phone or camera to take those cute baby photos. You can post them on Pinterest, Picasa or other social media websites to share with others.
  • Facebook baby page. Some parents choose to have an exclusive FB page for their baby. This way, your friends and relatives can stay up to date with your latest baby news. It is also a way to keep those fond memories of baby for years to come.
  • Digital scrapbook. You can make a beautiful scrapbook online by using your baby photos. There are many websites that offer free digital scrapbooking.


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Palpable baby memories

Some parents want to keep objects or other baby things that will serve to remember this magical time with their baby. It is a good idea for all parents to keep something palpable to remind them of their baby’s early childhood.

  • Scrapbooking. This is a great and creative way to keep those baby memories alive. You can add different baby objects that can be glued to paper, as well as beautiful embellishments. You can save baby’s hair after first haircut, hospital wrist band or other baby objects you are fond of. 
  • Save the day’s events. When your baby is born, keep the day’s newspapers as a memorabilia for later on. When the child becomes an adult, he or she could be interested in their first birthday’s daily events. It will also jog your memories of that special day.  
  • Baby memory box. Buy a nice crafted wooden box and save some of your baby objects in it. You can start with baby clothes, pacifier, toys and other things to remind you of these precious moments in your baby’s life.
  • Keep a baby journal. If you want something more private than a baby blog, the alternative is to keep your thoughts in a journal. Over the years, your memories of baby can be kept alive by reading your baby journal.
  • Traditional photo album. You can print all your baby pictures and put them in a beautiful album. The traditional route can prove to be more appreciated by some, especially the grandparents.
  • Silver jewelry keepsakes. You can imprint your baby’s small hand or feet on a small piece of silver jewelry. It’s a great way to save something precious and it can also make a perfect gift for a spouse or grandparent.


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There are many ways to collect those precious baby memories. You can find many ways to immortalize them. Whether you go the traditional or modern route, or both, keeping those memories will melt your heart for the years to come.

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