Body bounce back – 8 surprising facts about weight loss after birth

Are you stunned by slim celeb mummies posing in swimsuits just months after having a baby? Seeing the likes of Beyonce, Miranda Kerr and Shakira wearing nothing but bikinis is enough to pressure anyone into a weight loss after birth regime.

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There’s no need to rush, bouncing back after giving birth can be a lengthy process. It’s not as easy or as quick as some of these celebrities make it seem. We reveal eight surprising facts about bouncing back after birth.

The cravings continue...

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So you thought all the weird cravings during pregnancy would stop once you gave birth? If your body is craving milky foods such as cheese or ice-cream, this is completely normal for breastfeeding mums due to the calcium and protein that exits the body during feeding. If you’re worried about the calorie intake, look for low fat options and when it comes to ice-cream, opt for a lighter frozen yoghurt instead.

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