Operating room: What warrants a C-section delivery?

In the ideal birthing situations, an expectant mother is able to deliver a baby via the body’s natural labor process. Yet, as mothers will tell you, there is nothing predictable about each birthing situation. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to have a C-section to deliver your baby. This an operation that involves an incision in the abdomen and into the uterus where the surgeon can then remove the child and prevent, hopefully, any further risk to the mother or the baby. There are several reasons why this need can arise, including those listed below.

Prior medical reasons for a C-section

It is sometimes best for a C-section when the mother has had prior surgeries or medical issues that can cause complications via a natural birth. A mother who has had a C-section in a prior birth may be best suited for another operation.

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Other reasons that may warrant for a C-section may include sexual transmitted infections that he may be carrying. Genital herpes, genital warts, HIV, and other sexually acquired diseases may be passed to the birthing child via the vaginal canal during natural birth. If this is the case, an obstetrician may feel it best to deliver via a C-section.

Child’s attributes

Another reason that a caesarean section may be necessary is because of the baby’s attributes. A child in utero that is larger than average or too big for natural birth may need to be delivered via a C-section. Further, a child who has wider shoulders or is breached may also cause a need for a C-section to be utilized.

Problems with the placenta that are preventing the child from receiving adequate nutrients or umbilical cord prolapse may also be problems with the child that require an operation. Finally, birth defects, too, can cause the need for surgery to take place in order to deliver a healthy baby.

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Labour reasons for C-section

It is sometimes necessary for a C-section when the mother is in distress from the labour itself. It can become overwhelming, especially for mother’s delivering multiple children or those that have been in labor for an exorbitant amount of time, to deliver a child.

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The uterus may also stop contracting meaning that the baby could become distressed and it is best for mother—and child—to move more quickly through the process via a C-section operation.  

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