What happens when you’re 27 weeks pregnant?

Though after only 26 weeks, it may still seem like a long way off, now is the time to make sure you have everything sorted for labour and delivery. As you move into your third trimester next week, you want to be completely focused on your health and nutrition, so that both you and your baby are prepared for the big day.

How your foetus is developing when you’re 27 weeks pregnant

At this stage, your little bundle is just shy of a 1 kg, about  800g to 900g to be exact, so if you were wondering where all that extra weight had come from, now you know! He measures about 36cm from head to foot, if you straightened out his legs.

His eyes are opening and closing, and he is alternating between regular periods of rest and being awake. You may even start to notice a pattern in his movements. His brain is very active now and more brain tissue develops each day. Experts believe that babies begin to dream around week 27!

What you can do now that you’re 27 weeks pregnant 

Now that you are 27 weeks pregnant, you’ll start to experience a number of pregnancy symptoms from the weight of carrying your baby. These can include;

  • Shortness of breath, as a result of your womb pushing against your ribcage.
  • varicose veins (spider veins)
  • leg cramps

Leg cramps can be uncomfortable but you can relieve this by stretching out your calf muscles and flexing your foot.

Panicking at the thought of varicose veins? Do not worry. In many cases, those spider veins are temporary, and some women find that they eventually fade completely after delivery. In the meantime, you should massage your legs regularly to promote blood circulation.

It is time to embrace the sensible flat shoes at the back of your cupboard, now you’re 27 weeks pregnant, so pop those heels away for the time being. Your growing baby bump will throw you off balance at times and you need to be extra steady when walking. Satisfy your shoe crush with all the cute booties you can buy for your little one!

27 weeks pregnant

TCM solution at 27 weeks pregnant

According to TCM belief, varicose veins are a result of a weak Qi , or insufficient energy flow, and poor blood circulation. TCM specialists combat this by targeting acupuncture points along the spleen and stomach, which helps to reduce the size and pain of those pesky spider veins. They can also prescribe medical herbs to help relieve the symptoms.

Have a chat with your TCM doctor to learn about the changes you may have to make in your diet and lifestyle to complement your acupuncture treatment.

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