What happens at 28 weeks pregnant?

Welcome to your third trimester!

After 27 weeks of pregnancy, you’re well on the way to meeting your little bundle of joy. You will most likely be missing your feet because you have a lovely bump in front of you! It’s probably becoming difficult to do certain things like shave your legs, and your partner will have become a master at those heavenly foot and back massages.

How your fetus is developing at 28 weeks pregnant?

At 28 weeks pregnant, your baby is steadily growing week on week and now weighs in at about 1 kg and measures approximately, 37cm. He is busy building up layers of fat for warmth and his still-soft bones are now almost fully developed.

Your baby’s eye sight continues to develop and he is able to blink his eyes. He will be more aware of light sources and may start to react to any light that comes through the womb.

What you can do now that you’re 28 weeks pregnant?

At 28 weeks pregnant, and with only around 10-12 weeks to go, you should be seeing your gynae every other week. They will check on the baby’s heart rate, your blood pressure, and baby movements, which you should be feeling regularly throughout the day.

As you and your partner prepare yourself for the newest addition to your family, it’s time to think about the kind of labour position you will likely be most comfortable with, whether you want an epidural, and – the most fun part of it all – picking out your baby’s name!

28 weeks pregnant

Your Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) solution at 28 weeks pregnant

At this stage of pregnancy, it is quite normal to experience some constipation and also find yourself with a perpetual thirst. TCM practitioners put this down to a yin deficiency or heatiness.

Dr. Chen, head of the Gynaecology Department at Longhua Hospital in the Shanghai University of TCM, says that it happens to many pregnant women because most of the yin energy and blood in the body is flowing straight to the foetus. To lose the heat and increase your yin levels, your diet should include white fungus, ginseng, pears and spinach.

Don’t forget to drink up, too! Your body needs as much water as possible to function at its best. You need enough water for you and your baby.

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