What happens when you’re 29 weeks pregnant?

After 28 weeks pregnant, you’re now getting into the stride of the third trimester, you maybe feeling more tired and your bump seems to have really bloomed in the last few weeks. Baby will be very active now that you are 29 weeks pregnant and you may experience backaches and swelling from the excess weight you are carrying.

Take plenty of rest and relaxation and remember there are just a few weeks to go before you finally meet your little miracle.

How your foetus is developing now that you’re 29 weeks pregnant

When you’re 29 weeks pregnant, your little one is averaging 1.5kg! As the baby fat continues to pile on, your baby will only grow more energetic, so you can expect more kicks at any time of day. These are a real joy that only you can experience with your little one. You’ll feel totally connected as the patterns of movement become stronger.

Your baby is continuing to build muscle and his head is growing to make way for his developing brain. You’ll need more and more nutrition to feed the growth of your baby so make sure you are eating healthy and drinking plenty of water.

What you can do when you’re 29 weeks pregnant

Your lungs are now taking in about 40 per cent more air than than before you were pregnant, so it’s no surprise you’ve been feeling short of breath easily. Avoid strenuous activities, but continue to take short walks. Don’t push yourself, though: your baby is growing in size, and it’s perfectly normal to find yourself falling asleep easily.

You should also begin counting your baby’s movements, to make sure everything’s going smoothly. On average, most babies make 10 movements over a two-hour period. If you’re worried, have a chat with your doctor to allay any fears.

A common pregnancy symptom during your third trimester is swelling in the hands and feet. This is known as edema, and can occur as early as when you’re 29 weeks pregnant- but usually towards the end of your pregnancy. If you do experience edema, stay off your feet as much as possible, drink plenty of water and avoid salty foods. There are also TCM solutions which can help such as foot reflexology, acupuncture and Fu Ling Dao Shui Tang which works to elimate the water retention in the body through a series of herbs.

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