What happens when you’re 30 weeks pregnant?

After 29 weeks pregnant, you are on the home stretch! It is important to keep eating healthy and get plenty of rest in the final weeks of your pregnancy.You and your little one have a big day ahead of you.

Suffering from heartburn during pregnancy affects most women, especially in their third trimester, so you are not alone. At 30 weeks pregnant you will have quite a bump to show off so be prepared for a lot of attention from friends and family.

How your fetus is developing now that you’re 30 weeks pregnant

Your baby is about 1.6 kg and will continue to gain the majority of his weight from this point on. Probably around 200g a week! His brain is developing rapidly and your little one now knows how to keep warm. Also, the layer of fine hair, called Lanugo, that initially covered his body, will slowly begin to shed.

What you can do right now that you’re 30 weeks pregnant

When you’re 30 weeks pregnant, heartburn can become a real pain. It can affect you at any time of day but can be particularly uncomfortable at night. This is a common pregnancy symptom and is caused by the hormone which controls both your pelvic muscles and oesophagus. As your body prepares for delivery, the hormone relaxes your pelvic muscles, causing the muscles in your oesophagus to loosen, which allows stomach acid to easily ride back up. This gives you that burning sensation in the back of your throat

To help combat heartburn during pregnancy, you should sit upright while eating and for a couple of hours afterwards. Slouching can aggravate it. Remember to eat well before bedtime, at least two hours, so that your body has time to digest the food. Prop yourself up against a pillow while sleeping and avoid lying down flat on the bed.

You may want to consider visiting a TCM practitioner. Many pregnant women use Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to relieve heartburn during pregnancy. Acupuncture, along with Chinese herbs, work to readjust the pressure in the oesophagus and neutralise gastric acid.

If you intend to see a TCM practitioner, talk to him about how you can complement your acupuncture treatment with changes to your eating habits, diet and posture.

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