What happens when you’re 31 weeks pregnant?

After 30 weeks pregnant, you probably can’t remember what it felt like to not be pregnant! You are becoming quite attached to that beautiful bump and even though you can’t wait to meet your little one, you know you’ll miss your belly, once it goes back to normal.

Despite the affection for your baby bump, it’s growing weight might be causing you some pain and discomfort in certain areas. As with most woman in their third trimester, the extra weight can put pressure on your back and also cause you pain in the pelvic area. You may have quite a waddle now too.

How your fetus is developing in week 31

Measuring about 38 – 41 cm long, and weighing around 1.5 kg, your baby is busy gaining weight and storing that much-needed baby fat under the skin. His five senses are now fully functioning, so your baby can even smell!

It may feel like your baby is not moving as much now but he is just filling up the space in your womb. As long as you do feel kicks and wriggles then all should be fine. Some woman like to keep a log of movements, so they can discuss it with the doctor or midwife at regular check ups. If you don’t feel your baby moving one day, then you should seek medical advice.

What you can do now

Stay in well-ventilated areas as much as you can to prevent headaches and overheating and rest with your feet up regularly to take the pressure of your pelvis and legs. You may also start to experience Braxton Hicks contractions, characterised by painless and irregular instances of tightening. It’s your body’s way of practicing for birth! It could also be a sign of preterm labour, make sure you discuss with your doctor on how to notice the difference between the two.

Do your breasts seem fuller? You will start to produce colostrum prior to the birth of your baby. Colostrum is the ‘magic milk’ that contains vital antibodies to help protect your newborn against disease. It comes before you start to produce breastmilk.

Now you are 31 weeks pregnant, it could be the time to arrange for a maternity ward tour, if you haven’t already. While a lot of the changes seem to be happening just to you at the moment, this is something you can do together as a couple.

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