What to buy before your baby is born

Shopping for your new arrival can be an exciting time, but it can be all too easy to get carried away. While there are some things that are a great idea to buy before your baby is born, there are other items that you may want to hold off on getting until after the birth — like a crib or all those adorable onesies you’ve been eyeing. Before you start racking up the bills, consider some important factors that will help you decide what to buy before your baby is born.

You don’t know if you will (really) need it

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Emotions and impulses tend to run high for many pregnant women, be it dealing with the idea of an additional mouth to feed or how your little baby will look in that dress. And if you strongly believe in retail therapy, you’ll be even more prone to impulsive buying whilst pregnant because let’s face it — retailers have years of skills getting new moms-to-be to spend as much as their wallets can dish out.

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Be aware though, especially when you’re having a child for the first time, that you don’t know what’s to come until your child is well out of your belly and in your arms. There is a very good chance that half the things you think you need are not going to be used for very long, if at all.

Also take into consideration the gifts that will come your way during your baby shower and even after the baby's birth from friends and family. Babies are fun to shop for, and often the mom isn't the only one who feels that way!