Hospital essentials for a comfortable delivery

Delivering a baby can be hard work but that doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself comfortable during your stay. There are many comforts of home that you can pack for the hospital for delivery that could cheer you up and help you relax during your labour and after wards. Here are some ideas about some creature comforts you can bring along.

Comfy items to pack for the hospital

A top priority is to pick out comfortable things that you can pack for the hospital. You might want to bring one or two of your own pillows, for example, to prop you up and to give you better comfort than the pillow the hospital provides. Be warned that if you use them during labour, they could get soiled and have to be thrown away.

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Other comfortable things you might want to pack for the hospital would be your own clothes. Consider cotton pajamas or a robe that can unfasten easily for breastfeeding. Don’t forget some supportive nursing bras. And for walking around the hospital, get a pair of soft slippers.

After giving birth, you won’t be fitting into your regular sizes just yet, so maternity underwear will still be the most comfortable for you. If you have stitches or a Caesarean, you will appreciate the larger sizes. And bring maternity sanitary pads as you can expect to bleed heavily for the next few days.

Relaxing items to pack for the hospital

To relax in the hospital environment, you might pack for the hospital your favorite music tracks to be played during your labour. Or take along your portable massager so you can have a nice knead in bed after the delivery is done. And how about some cooling face masks for a spa treat?

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You can also decorate your hospital room with cheerful decorations like framed photos of your family or cards and gifts from your friends. These will certainly cheer you up after a tiring or difficult labour process.

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