What you need to know about labour and delivery

About to deliver your baby? Congratulations! Like most mothers-to-be, you probably have many questions and concerns about the big day. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to prepare for labour and delivery, trying to get a better understanding of the childbirth experience, or just needing some reassurance that everything will be okay, we want to help.

Find out about pain-relief options, the various stages of labour, recent findings and more! You can also read about real labour experiences that Singaporean moms have shared with us. Big or small — we’ll tell you what you need to know about labour here.


1) How to make a birth plan

2) The last month! What to expect.

3) How foreigners can deliver in Singapore

4) Hypnobirthing explained

5) Overdue? Natural methods to induce labour

During labour

1) Eating and drinking during labour

2) Pethidine – a pain relief option

3) Ethonox (laughing gas) – a pain relief option

4) C-section explained

5) Normal delivery explained

6) Stages of labour

7) Orgasm during labour!

8- Childbirth stations

9) Singapore stillbirth rates

10) Maternal mortality in Singapore

11) Watch this video to find out what happens right after delivery!

Labour stories

My successful home delivery

My baby came in the loo!

Third time trauma

My home water birth

Singapore’s first home water birth

It’s different each time

They all come with a bang 

Step by step 

The comical story of Illan’s birth

The 11th hour 

Pretty in pain

A smooth arrival

After 6 years of trying

McDonald’s cravings during labour!

A bumpy ride

How motherhood changed me 

My premature baby

Giving birth at 18

My drug-less labour

My induced labour

My big surprise

All’s well that ends well

My unexpected delivery

My pain-free delivery

And it’s twins!

When my birth plan went wrong

My super duper home delivery

Keeping it real

Lupus patients can have normal deliveries

My baby boon

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