When will baby drop? Know the signs that baby is on the move

Once you reach the third trimester, you may start to wonder – when will baby drop? – and how will you know if baby is on the move? Everyone around you will judge this moment as the time that baby is ready to greet the world, but is baby ready to come out?

The process of dropping down will position baby correctly for delivery. Normally, your baby will turn around and stay in a ‘head down’ position and then slowly descend into your pelvis, ready to start their journey to the outside world.

When will baby drop?

A baby can keep changing positions in your uterus and may turn a number of times before assuming the ‘head down’ position. It is usually after 34 weeks that a baby will drop and remain in this position. However, if you have delivered before, the dropping process can occur just days or hours before labour starts.

Sometimes a baby is reluctant to turn and will stay head up in what is called a ‘breech’ position. Doctors may try to turn a baby before the due date, as it is dangerous for mum and baby to try and deliver feet first. If baby cannot be turned, then an elective caesarean is often the only option.

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The signs that baby has dropped

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