Why baby’s first cry is so important

What do doctors do to encourage your baby’s first cry?

Hearing that loud and lusty cry is proof that your baby can breathe outside of your womb, so doctors will do all they can to encourage your baby to let go within the first few seconds after birth. In days of old, doctors dangled the baby upside down with a firm grip and placed a little tap on the rear end. This motion helped to clear the airways and jolt the baby into a small shock that will inspire a very vocal complaint.

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Contrary to popular belief, this was not a cruel practice, and great care was taken with the baby. None the less, this procedure is no longer done in most hospitals, simply because it is no longer necessary. Nowadays, doctors use a less brisk approach. Instead, they use suction to clear the throat and lungs if necessary, and the baby is softly rubbed down with a towel. This little stimulation will irritate their still very sensitive skin just enough to extract a cry.

Watch this newborn baby cry for the first time after being rubbed down by nurses


So, when you hear that cry, don’t despair, your baby is not in distress. It’s a sign of a bouncing baby that will be wrapped up and in the arms of you and your partner before you know it.

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