Will my baby be like me?

Will my baby be like me? You probably have all sorts of visuals about your yet-to-be-born baby. Will he have my eyes? Will he have Daddy’s wavy hair?

But think about it…resemblances go beyond the superficial. Genetic traits are big influences in your child’s life in general. Now, let’s look at answering your numerous questions that start with: Will my baby be…

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Spitting image

Will my baby be beautiful/handsome? It’s easy to spot similarities in your child’s looks but most physical features are determined by many genes working together. Kids inherit both sets from their parents so don’t attribute big noses or other distinct features from any side of the family.


Will my baby be someone with a great personality? If someone remarks “Your child gets his temper from his father,” there is some truth in it. Nurture is a big factor in shaping your child’s personality but not the only one. Psychological traits are partly genetic. Research done on twins raised apart have shown both have similar personalities.

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Health problems

Will my baby be healthy? Every family has a history of disease that can put a child at risk. Some diseases, such as type-1 diabetes and cystic fibrosis, are strongly genetic. If both parents are overweight then their children are more likely to be obese. But the good news about detecting these illnesses is that your child will be more aware of health issues in life.

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Will my baby be smart? How to survive in Singapore if you aren’t smart, right? It is said you have to be born with talent but a gifted child needs the right environment to thrive. Intelligence tends to run in families because parents supply the ideal type of learning environment, such as education.

Your baby will share many things with you, such as diet, habits and level of education. Genes do not dictate destiny but you can get valuable insights into your child’s life.

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3 traits you are most likely to pass on:
Body fat

3 traits that are more nurture than nature:
Mental health

So best of luck in raising baby up into a brilliant being. We know that since baby is already so well-loved in the womb, he will be showered with even more tender, love and care when he arrives.

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