Will running during pregnancy cause a uterus prolapse?

Back in the old days, doctors would advise all mummies-to-be to refrain from running, or any other rigorous physical activity, during pregnancy, to prevent the risk of having their uterus fall out! Does this sound preposterous? Is this really a serious concern that you should consider, or is it an old wives’ tale?

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 Can you experience a uterus prolapse when you run?

Well, as absurd as it may seem, there is an ever so slight possibility that it might happen. Doctors observed this kind of trouble in patients – a condition which is called uterus prolapse. It is estimated that up to 30% of women suffer from some sort of prolapse where an organ slips out of place. The severity can range between slight discomfort when doing things like running, to where the uterus can actually come out of the vagina.

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WIth that said, running in itself does not cause uterus prolapse. Rather, it’s the constant force that is placed on your uterus can exacerbate an already existing condition. Your uterus is supported by the muscles that thread between your coccyx and pubic bone, and if these muscles weaken for some reason, the uterus can slide down. Weak pelvic floor muscles can cause your uterus to drop during long distance runs, and you will notice a heavy and pressing sensation on your bladder. Women who are especially at risk of uterus prolapse includes women who;

  • Have weak muscle tone due to aging
  • Have a family history of uterus prolapse
  • Lack estrogen
  • Damage to the tissue and muscles during a previous and difficult delivery
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