Will running during pregnancy cause a uterus prolapse?

Can you run safely while you are expecting?

As long as you do not suffer from weak pelvic floor muscles and uterus prolapse, nothing is stopping your from putting on your running shoes, assuming of course that your doctor gave you the go-ahead. However, if you have never run before, starting when you’re pregnant is not the best idea. Now is also not the time to start training for cross country marathons and sprints.

If you were a passionate runner before your pregnancy, there is no need to stop, but you will have to adjust your routine a bit. Just ensure that your pregnancy is not high risk, and take it slow and steady under the supervision of your doctor.

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Is it safe to run soon after giving birth?

Experts are divided on the matter, but generally speaking, over-exerting yourself after the first few days of giving birth is never a good idea. You need to get those muscles strong first. Even professional runners do find that shortly after labour muscle weakness can catch up with them and mimic symptoms of a uterus prolapse.

Do not try and start too soon, so gradually work your way back into your exercise routine over a period of six weeks. Allow your uterus some time to recover and contract back to normal before you hit the road, and don’t forget to do your Kegel exercises. These are the muscles that contract and stop the flow of urine. Exercise them often by contracting and releasing, as this will greatly help to prevent uterus prolapse.

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