Listen dad! The best words of support during labour

Dads – congratulations! You’ve survived nine months and are still walking around with all your limbs and head in check. But now comes the big one. If you’re sitting waiting for hours while mum is in labour, actions will usually speak louder than words.

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Having done everything you can to provide for her during pregnancy, the next challenge will be to offer support during labour. So, rather than mutter the wrong things, here are a few tips on what is best to say on the big day.

"You’re amazing"

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It goes without saying that your wife is amazing for carrying baby, but she is likely to have some doubts during labour. So one of the best things you can do to offer support is to boost her self-confidence and banish her fears. This short sentence shows your great appreciation and love for her. And if it's said with a smile, she knows you are 100 per cent behind her as she reaches that final lap.

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