Yi Mu Cao Drink with Egg confinement recipe

The Chinese love a good recipe to replenish blood cells lost from childbirth. Today’s Yi Mu Cao (Chinese Motherwort) drink with egg promises to relieve postpartum symptoms, such as anaemia and lethargy.

Wood ear fungus is chock-full of dietary fibre, iron and calcium, and also helps maintain your blood fat levels. This drink is also packed with lecithin, so drink up! Don’t forget to eat the eggs too, for a boost of protein. 

Recipe lightly adapted from Before, During & After Pregnancy, by Chung-man Mak

Yi mu cao drink ingredients
50g Yi Mu Cao
15g wood ear fungus
2 eggs
brown sugar (to taste)

Preparation of yi mu cao drink
Rinse all ingredients. Place in pot and add water. Simmer over medium heat, then remove eggs when they are hard-boiled. Shell the eggs before returning them to the pot. Cook for an additional 10 – 12 minutes. Add brown sugar to taste, then serve.

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