Practice yoga for fertility

Infertile and confused what to do about it? You’re not alone. According to the World Health Organization, about 15% of couples seek medical help for fertility issues. But, in addition to traditional and innovative medical intervention, some people are also seeking out the health-enhancing benefits of yoga to get pregnant.

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A Harvard study found that women who were trying for a baby were three times more likely to conceive if they took fertility focused yoga courses than those who did not. Yoga for fertility poses (asanas) are suggested to reduce stress and affect the entire endocrine system in a very beneficial way. They’re also believed to cause an increase in energy in the pelvis area (apana). Here are 4 basic yoga poses you can practice at home for increased fertility.

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Remember, you and your partner can practice yoga for fertility together. Not only will you feel more supported, but it’s a great way to stay in shape and strengthen your relationship. Remember to take care when beginning yoga for the first time and not to overexert yourself. If something is hurting, then you’re probably doing something wrong. Ease up and take it slow!

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